It’s me, Cupid, just older and uglier.

24 Jun

Wow. My first post. I hope you’re excited because someone has to be and it’s not me. So why am I here?

This blog is a form of therapy. After all, I’ve been hookin’ up love-crazed humans for ages and to be honest, I’m a little sick of it. You try being immortal and doing the same job century after century without a retirement package or even the hope of dropping dead. Get the pic?

I know, I know. When you’re employed by the gods, you assume you get everything. Lots of perks, good benefits, but to tell you the truth, I report to a Chief Executive Officer who never tires, never retires, and thinks all us immortals should do the same.

I may take a sabbatical, with or without the Big Guy’s permission. A little R&R wouldn’t hurt and, frankly, sometimes he nods off, too. As if we hadn’t noticed.

Everyone makes a mess out of love without my help. But I’m not giving up. Not yet.

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Posted by on June 24, 2011 in All In A Day's Work


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One response to “It’s me, Cupid, just older and uglier.

  1. sonya sones

    June 27, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    It’ll be fun to see what happens in this little corner of cyberspace!


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