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Before and After

My high school reunion is coming up so I decided to put together some photos for the reunion album. This first one was taken on prom night. As you can see, I was a hottie.

This next one was taken after many years and even more helpings of Psyche’s cooking.  Go ahead and laugh, but the extra pounds come packed with a lot of personal character and accumulated wisdom.

I think my classmates will recognize me. I’m still hot. Don’t you agree?

Prom night painting, 1817, with a little help from Jacques-Louis David.

The hot, sexy middle-aged devil found here.


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Fight, fight, fight!

Don’t fight it.

Love always wins.

Painting by Federico Zuccaro, circa 1600, at Getty Museum in Los Angeles

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Slice it, Dice It, Ice It

I’m slipping out of bed, careful not to wake Psyche. This was one of our rougher patches. She just bought a set of Ginsu knives from the Home Shopping Network. Not her best idea but nobody listens to my opinion. Meanwhile, her plans for slicing and dicing included much more than cucumber. Don’t look surprised and could you please not stare? You think Lorena Bobbitt was the first woman to make shish kabob?

L’Amour et Psyche, 1817, by Francois-Eduoard Picot.

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If ya want my body and ya think I’m sexy…

Finally, an artist who’s captured my true essence! I’ve been waiting centuries for this. He totally caught me off-guard. Had I known Roberto Parada intended to paint me in the nude, I’d have lost a few extra pounds. I forgive Roberto because he accepts me as I am.

Some of the masters who painted me in my youth didn’t begin to capture the real me. For starters, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a halo. So pre-Renaissance. This guy Roberto gets me, like he sees into my soul. I’m just glad he didn’t see what I chucked behind the tree stump when I caught him creeping up behind me.

Obviously Roberto Parada has very good taste in his subjects. To see more good taste and awesome art, grab your mouse and click on


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That’s moi, circa 1900, riding my galloping fish.

Brooklyn Museum Archives. Goodyear Archival Collection. Visual  materials [6.1.013]:  Paris Exposition photographs. Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France, 1900.

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