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Eat Sh*t and Sigh

I still don’t get the fixation on cats, but I accept it. Mostly, but some things are too gross, even for me.

I’ll bet you’re wondering, Is that what it looks like? If you guessed kitty litter, then Bingo! You get the prize — a delicious slice of Kitty Litter Cake. Hmmmm, don’t you want to sink your teeth in? That’s taking “loving the cat” to a whole new level, but people do crazy things for love. They’re nuts about their cats and we all take a lot of crap for the sake of love. Just not literally.

However, if you’re intrigued, I’ve linked the recipe below and have even adapted it here if you want to use organic ingredients and bake it from scratch. Just pick your favorite cake recipe and spread the batter in a baking pan. Next, borrow your neighbor’s cat and lightly stick his ass over the pan. Let him sit at least 3 minutes at room temperature while he provides the sprinkles. Bon appetit!

Photo and recipe for Kitty Litter Cake here.


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Not Your Cat’s Friskies

Someone told me, “If you want to increase blog traffic, you’ve got to post about cats or food. That’s what people like.” Now I have nothing against felines or key limes, but I happen to be in the love business, No offense, Kit Kats and kitty cats.

Then I figured, how about hooking up a kitten with a nice sandwich? This way everyone’s happy.

I went through my files of single food and while none of the sandwiches were interested, I did find some available broccoli.

I said to this cat, here, I have some nice broccoli I want you to meet. You interested?

He gives me a look that says, “That green stuff comes within one foot of my lips and I get a restraining order.”

Personally, I don’t understand. It’s a wholesome snack. I guess kitty likes it hot and spicy, even if it’s not the best thing for him. What could I do? I aim to please.

There. I hope everyone’s happy. Just don’t get burned.

Cat photo by Paolo Signorini at


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